Virtual reality technology in education

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What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a technology that transmits images, sounds and in some cases other five senses to the user through hardware with the help of software. In this way, the user experiences the feeling of being in places where he is not in reality. Many consider virtual reality as a new phenomenon in the field of technology, entertainment and science. By using virtual reality, the most complex concepts can be taught to users easily and in an enjoyable way. Users encounter concepts and content in a 3D environment in a completely comprehensible, real, and attractive way.

Virtual Reality

Applications of virtual reality

  • Application of virtual reality in education
  • By using virtual reality, the most complex concepts can be taught to students easily and in an enjoyable way. With this high-tech technology, learners will be able to easily understand any ambiguous, complex and even difficult content in a virtual-real environment and face it with satisfaction.

  • Virtual reality combining education and entertainment
  • One of the possibilities that VR technology can create is the imperceptible, attractive and effective combination of educational content with entertainment in the form of games, puzzles, etc.

  • High-tech virtual reality technology in all industries
  • Production, construction, implementation, engineering, research and development, planning and training, safety and quality control, repairs and maintenance, control and management of projects, in a completely multidimensional and real way.

  • Virtual reality in medicine and health
  • Health is one of the areas where virtual reality has many applications. Simulation of surgery, treatment of phobia and robotic surgery are practical and basic cases regarding the use of this technology in health and medicine.

Augmented reality or AR

To put it better, Augmented Reality is digital and graphic content that is added to our real world in the form of computer simulation. These contents are created based on computer productions through receiving and processing user information by input sensors such as sound, video, graphic images or GPS data.

Augmented reality applications

  • Education
  • Augmented reality has affected the conventional education process. AR can make workshops and classes more attractive and information more understandable. The learning process should be accompanied by creativity and interaction, and AR technology plays a very effective role in this way.

  • Entertainment
  • Like the Snap Chat program, this technology can be effectively used in industries and education.

  • Computer games
  • Using the efficiency of this technology, educational-scientific content can be presented in a way that is integrated with computer games, which is unique in its kind, and we can point to Pokmon GO as an example.

  • online stores - virtual
  • Using the efficiency of this technology, all products can be offered in a real space by including the dimensions, sizes, shapes, features and details in the best possible way, attractive and understandable.

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