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Speaking fluently in English is what most learners are looking for. The Nonstop English application, in addition to strengthening various skills, including improving listening, increasing the range of words, correct pronunciation in the American accent, teaching grammar in an indirect way, etc.

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English for everyone

Who inspires?

Standard characteristics of an English language learner

Four important indicators of a standard and efficient self-taught English language

  • Standard placement test

    Free, standard, accurate leveling

    The level determination test is a standard and reliable method to evaluate the user's current skill level in four general language sections including vocabulary, listening, grammar and reading, which is held in the form of multiple-choice questions.

  • virtual teacher

    Teaching grammar and pronunciation with prominent professors

    The best way to learn a new language is to get help from language teachers. An experienced language teacher has traveled the language learning path before you and is well familiar with the challenges and difficulties of this path.

  • Conversation simulator

    Improve speaking skills with a conversation simulator

    An advanced voice recognition system creates full interaction with the learner, increases and improves pronunciation skills, achieves speaking confidence and accurate assessment.

  • Detailed Report

    Preparation of full report of all functional departments

    Graphical reports allow the learner to understand the strengths and weaknesses by comparing the grades by subject and can improve her performance by making accurate decisions.

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I thought I failed in learning English, but I succeeded with your training packages and now I have a good job in Ilam.

Narges Akbari Magin

I was one of those students who kept saying that I don't know anything, I can't memorize words, I know grammar but I have a poor conversation, what and how can I improve my language?
A big thank you to Ariana's team for offering me the super amazing package of Bread Stop. Thank you again

Yaser Moghimizadeh Noori
Nonstop English user

I am free to learn at my own pace, follow my own schedule and choose what I want to learn from the curriculum. Study packages suitable for people like me.

Seyed Saeid Nouri Khorasani
Comprehensive medical language trainer
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