•  Respecting the moral and material rights of the employer, customer orientation and obtaining their complete satisfaction
  •  Full adaptation of systems to the needs of users and applying their wishes
  •  Updating the company's management system and quality control in product production according to the latest achievements in the world
  •  Observance of full confidentiality in keeping customer secrets and information
  •  Using standard programming tools and methods
  •  The commitment of professional services and advice in the implementation of appropriate financial and industrial administrative automation solutions
  •  Real integration of information and organizational processes
  •  Providing new and appropriate methods in support services
  •  Prioritizing the needs of customers and establishing the necessary mechanisms to fulfill them
  •  Emphasis on fulfilling the company's obligations towards customers
  •  Increasing and updating the company's specialized knowledge through continuous research and development (R&D).
  •  Governing order and systemic thinking and systematizing the organization and processes in the company
  •  Continuous improvement in the company's system, processes, products and services
  •  Improving, developing and updating the infrastructure of the company
  •  Recruiting and cultivating efficient and committed human resources and establishing training and empowerment programs for them
  •  Creating motivational mechanisms for the effective participation of employees in the company's goals
 مشاوره تلفنی